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Wispi - Free Voice and Video Calls and Messages

Wispi allows you to chat and share any files with friends and relatives, easily surf social channels and enjoy reviewing the latest and most up-to-date news on your favourite subjects. Wispi can currently be used on iPhones and Android, however we are actively adding support for more platforms. GetWispi now!

Free Chat

Wispi users can send and receive free and unlimited messages, images, videos and any files to both group conversations as well as individual chats.

Find Friends

To help you connect to friends and family, Wispi provides the opportunity to locate those nearby as well as automatically notifying you of contacts who have recently joined Wispi or you may know. You can also add contacts by inviting friends through SMS, Email, Facebook, contact numbers, or the Pin Code that is unique to each Wispi user.

Editing photos

Wispi’s in-app photo editing feature allows you to get creative and edit photos prior to sharing them with your friends and family. Add filters, effects, frames, choose from our large array of stickers, draw and you could even add text to your images! All this can be done while using Wispi, in an easy and convenient manner.

What is Wispi?
(How it works)

Wispi is a free cross-platform mobile communications app that allows users to combine voice and video calls, individual chats as well as group messaging through 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Our aim is to connect and promote communication between Wispi users FREE where possible and offer users excellent alternatives to the current phone / communication operator.


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Outbound Calls(Wispi out)

This feature enables you to connect to non-Wispi users using SMS and voice call. Wispi Out allows users to make calls to any mobile or landline number with the best quality and lowest possible price; which means you can now have real-time conversations through affordable long-distance calls.


Creating and managing user groups and social channels

Wispi enables users to create fully managed group chats with an appealing environment for sharing. Creator may promote other members to admin status, giving them control over group audience with the ability to remove unwanted members form the group channel.


Engaging sound effects

Add fun to your phone conversation by sending Wispi’s pre-installed sound effects that can be used at any time during a phone conversation!


Users in your neighborhood

Add to your contacts using the Find Friends feature! Nearby feature allows you to identify and communicate with more Wispi users in your area.


Send confidential Images

Send confidential Images!!!
Friends can view pictures that have been sent through the Shred feature for only 10 seconds, and then it is deleted, like it never existed. This allows Wispi users to send confidential or secret images knowing that it will automatically disappear.


Online sharing of audio and video files

Wispi has a vast online database of music and video files from various artists that users can access, favourite and share with friends.


Stickers and animations

Use graphically fun and entertaining stickers & animations to add fun to both group and private chat conversations.


Social Networks

Wispi’s unique social feature guarantees hours of amusement by allowing users to follow channels, view images, videos and access articles on personalised topics. Content can be filtered through the channels you follow and posts you have browsed, providing a variety of interesting topics tailored to user taste.


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